In the Fold -Chelsea

In The Fold Projection Modules 1 & 2 – Exhibited in Tabula Rasa @ Ca D’Oro Gallery Chelsea, NYC (June 12th – July 24th; 2015)

In The Fold is a semi-private durational performance / installation founded on the antique technology of slide projection.  Utilizing my extensive collection of personal and found 35 mm slides, I placed 4 folded paper floating Muira screens at the North, South, East, & West points of the exhibition space.  In The Fold was performed initially in an unheated, empty storefront in West Harlem NYC, on Superbowl Sunday, 2015.

This second iteration was held in a black box inside an upper-storey Chelsea gallery.  Approx. 350 slides are projected  through 4 projectors onto 2 complex folded paper screens — doubling and overlapping the projected images on each screen.  All 4 projectors are on differing cyclical timers, creating a non-repeating cascade of randomized yet strongly narrative images.